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  1. 48fps is not the way of the future by any means, unless you like Charlie Chaplin's speedy exaggerated motion.

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    2. aphid47


      You guys have to admit that simple hand gestures and body movements appeared sped up in a weird comical way that I found totally distracting. This was the first 3D film I saw, and I didn't think it added all that much to the experience. Planning on seeing it at normal speed and 2D to compare ...

    3. aphid47


      I'd actually like to see a non fantasty film in 48fps to see what it would look like. It pulled me right out of the fantasy and I felt like I was watching masterpiece theater during the first hour. It was fine during action sequences, but disruptive during normal flow of things.

    4. specwriter


      You just saw your first film in 3D? Where do you live, the moon? Anyway, no, I didn't notice any problems with gestures or normal movement; it all worked for me. I liked how my eye was able to move all over the frame, including foreground and far backgrounds and it would all be in focus.

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