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  1. Just read Looper. Loved it, had me completely sucked into the world, but, not sure about that ending . . . anyone else have any thoughts?

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    2. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Couldn'tmake it past pg65. Didn't care about characters. Young Joe actually looking to bring in his older self to save himself now was dumb. The scarring, as mentioned above, was good. As well as the limb thing. But cud blu and all that stuff got annoying

    3. Penelope


      yeah. I didn't care about the characters either. I think he is just going for something darker so he isn't really concerned about that but who knows.

    4. aphid47


      I figured it was the typical action film, character that is not very deep. I ended up rooting for old Joe instead of young Joe.

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