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  1. I'll admit it. I saw Hansel & Gretel.

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    2. sankofa


      i admit i saw it too and the makeup/special effects team needs an Oscar for making Jeremy Renner look GOOD AS HELL! Like, seriously! Them folks need a statute cause that was a difficult task they did WELL AT! Gemma was worth it. She wasn't naked but in enough tight, form fitting clothes to make the entire 88 minute film almost bearable...

    3. sangun


      My girlfriend said of Gemma -- She keeps looking off screen for no reason. Do you think she's looking at her set chair or her driver?

    4. 36monsters


      That man could sit in front of a camera and read from the phonebook for 3 hours and I'd pay to watch it (of course, it would be best if he was shirtless at the same time).


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