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  1. Anyone see Killing Them Softly? Is it really ‘F’ CinemaScore worthy?

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    2. dnluu81


      If Solaris got an F, then KTS is in great company.

    3. ThaVillain


      Yeah Dan, the theme of the film was sort of an analogy for the financial crisis. Too Big To Fail and all that. It was a bit too heavy-handed for me (my only gripe) but that last scene fit the them perfectly.

    4. Mike


      The script was a painful read. Degenerate characters are OK, but not when they're so f-ing dumb and not when they go on for pages and pages. The movie was rancid. It wasn't the lack of action that turned audiences off. I saw it with a theater full of adults. It's groan inducing in its attempt at being dark. To compare it to a movie like DRIVE is well...Insane.

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