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  1. Anyone see Killing Them Softly? Is it really ‘F’ CinemaScore worthy?

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    2. sangun


      Saw it. A friend leaned over and whispered: "It's the equivalent of a 12-year old virgin writing bondage porn". It was pretty posturing.

    3. ThaVillain


      My DRIVE comparison is in the fact that the marketing for Drive promised Fast and the Furious and packed theaters with moviegoers expecting that, but the result was more of an "art house" film, if you will. Same thing here. A lot of folks went expecting HEAT or MIAMI VICE but instead got something totally different, thus the "F" Cinemascore.

    4. ThaVillain


      Just looked it up. DRIVE got a "C-" Cinemascore. Not quite an "F" but still, audiences disliked it. It was my favorite movie of 2011. Pretty much everyone I recommended it to (friends, FB, Twitter) hated it. So yeah, I think the analogy applies.

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