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  1. I think I'm using the term PRELAP wrong? I'm using it for a VO that starts before that scene begins. Is that correct?

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    2. chandolaswinter


      I got a lot from this. Thanks for the feedback.

    3. palostick


      Sbbn -- a voiceover is when a character addresses the audience directly like a narrator. When a character is heard but not seen onscreen I would use OS, never VO which implies narrator duties. But different strokes for different folks...

    4. sbbn


      Here's a professional's take on it:


      "V.O. is used when the speaker is not physically in the scene. This could be because the speaker is on the other end of a telephone line or radio broadcast, the speaker is an unseen narrator, or the speaker is a character’s inner-monologue.


      This last example is important to note, as it is somewhat counter-intuitive: if an on-screen character’s thoughts are heard, it is V.O., not O.S.


      If there is pre-lap dialogue,...

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