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  1. Sorry, Bobby. I put a period at the end. Here is the Top 50 downloaded Black List script w/ correct link: http://files.blcklst.com/top50of2013.pdf

    1. Pompalompa


      quite a few interesting ones on there

    2. Bobbylaw


      Great, thanks.

  2. If you're interested in the creation of 80s/90s sitcoms, Barry Katz's podcast is a must listen. Matt Williams interview is my favorite so far. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/industry-standard-w-barry/id672873590?mt=2

  3. I updated my BL reviews in the Review/Coverage section. So far the winner for Best in Show is "A Monster Calls".

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      I thought 1969 was good. Writing solid. Kubrick had a consistent, strong voice. But it just didn't keep me on the edge of my seat or make me laugh or make me feel something emotionally. And without any of those three emotions, I can't do anything more than say the writing is good.

    2. hollywoodude


      Will have to check out monster calls! My fav so far has been Frisco

    3. andrewpwoodberry


      I loved Frisco too. The dialogue was so crisp, some great setups/payoffs, and a protag we could root for. I probably did like that one better than Monster.

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  4. Every time someone hits "Reply All" on a TB email, it validates the rest of the country's assertion that Hollywood is full of morons.

    1. typistolero


      Every time you hit "Reply All," Harvey cuts ten minutes from a good film.

    2. andrewpwoodberry


      Every time you hit "Reply All," JJ Abrams needlessly adds a lens flare to a shot.

    3. rywold
  5. Question: Do feature comedy specs sell anymore? I can't remember the last one that sold to a studio. Seems like everything is developed in-house or with attachments. Am I wrong?

    1. KeatonHelm


      Thanks so much, Mike. Technically ours does have an attachment, Chris D'Elia. But I think andrewpwoodberry is probably referring to someone huge like Robert Downey Jr. or Will Ferrell.

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      It seems to me there are more comedy pitches from established writers that are selling. Anyway, if you think you've got a funny concept don't let that stop you. I'm working on an action comedy now. If it's funny/good enough then hopefully top folks will attach.


    3. StringerBell


      You're not wrong, Andrew.

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  6. Favor Request: I just dropped into W-I-P a writing sample I was thinking of using to approach tv lit agents. If you have 10 minutes, can you read and let me know thoughts? Happy to provide feedback on others' projects as well.

    1. craig


      I'll read it this weekend. You've been a great contributor to this site. Thank you.


    2. andrewpwoodberry


      Thanks, Craig. My contributions are minuscule compared with yours.

    3. Babzbitela


      sounds funny



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  7. Works in Progress Experiment... I'm gonna try some fun writing sprint exercises in W.I.P. section this weekend. Will go from Idea->Title->Outline->Completed 1st Draft Pilot. Follow along and watch me fail (or succeed).

  8. Any Jeff Goldsmith fans? I recently re-found this epic interview with Christopher McQuarrie. A master storyteller, even if his movies don't always work: http://ex.fm/song/5g80x/Christopher+McQuarrie+-+Valkyrie+Q&A-Jeff+Goldsmith

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    2. rywold


      Any idea where one could get hold of all the old Creative Screenwriting Magazines? Either hard copy or PDF form?

    3. CliveBarks
    4. rywold


      Thanks. I was hoping for a PDF download somewhere, but can't seem to find one.

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  9. BREAKING NEWS: Nikki Finke to leave "Jane Got a Gun"

    1. axalon


      I too had a smile on my face after reading this

    2. Mike



    3. benskelly2


      I have to be the stupid one. I thought Finke was a columnist, was she producing this film or what?

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  10. Just started following Modern Family writer Danny Zuker on Twitter (@dannyzuker). He really captures Billy Wilder's stolen quote: "A tip from Lubitsch: Let the audience add up two plus two. They’ll love you forever." Plus he's good with Vine.

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      Some examples of his where you the reader get to add up 2+2:


      I just watched a 15 year old girl who was busy texting walk into a light post and I am no longer an atheist.


      The quality of the gifts I get my family when I'm away is proportional to how poorly I behaved. They're all getting cars. #ByeSydney


      The most disturbing thing I ever found on my son's computer was an empty history folder.

    2. adlocke


      that looks fun!


      im real excited to be coming up with a screenplay. so what if i can't write a novel.


      a girl told me she love guys with glasses. she says it makes them look hot. i thought she meant shot glasses. #vision impaired


      pregnant teenagers have to decide whether or not to keep or give up their baby at such a young age. that's a huge decision. is it bad that at 39 i still can't decide if i like pepsi or coke better? #save that one for 2026

  11. Pain & Gain -- Can't wait for tracking numbers on this one. Looking very "Hangover"-esque. $25M budget w/ lots of back-end for talent. Can it open to $45M in the U.S.? I think so.

    1. mebishop2001
    2. storymaps99


      It's Michael Bay without robots, though. I dunno. I thought the trailer looked decent but my wife almost ran out of the theater. :-0

  12. IDENTITY THIEF seems to be crushing it again at the B.O. For those that went, what compelled you to go? Melissa McCarthy? Jason Bateman? The trailer? Word of Mouth? Very curious...thx.

    1. Reader George

      Reader George

      Haven't seen it yet but initially liked the casting of Bateman and McCarthy. The TV marketing I've seen, though, is not anything that would have me rushing to the theater.

    2. StringerBell


      I love Jason Bateman and wanted to support Craig because I'm a fan of his podcast.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Great podcast. Both are so generous. Craig said he'd be posting the script soon but haven't seen it yet.


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  13. Looking for a BL script to read? I suggest FLOWER. Not commercial at all, but makes some bold choices and constantly impresses/surprises.

    1. twofingeredtypist


      Lot of BL scripts I'd like to read over coming weeks

    2. Raffles


      JOJO RABBIT's a nice read. Very sweet and comical dealing with a strange topic.

  14. Time for the BlackList game. Guess what the top 3 will be. I'll start...1. Story of Your Life 2. Somacell 3. White House Down

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    2. BrianCD


      Looks like DEVILS AT PLAY, DRAFT DAY and scripts about SEUSS and Hilary Clinton are making the list. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324024004578173742359909344.html

    3. LeftyJones


      BrianCD -- you mean a "low" placing would be a PR nightmare right? Because after all the touting of the script as proof that the BL site is a godsend - McCarthy HAS to place high for Franklin to be able to stand tall and say "See I told you" we found a script the whole town likes.

    4. BrianCD


      It's really a double edged sword. If it places really high or at all, he'll get a lot of "this guy paid/was an intern". People will doubt the honesty of the list (both Black and Hit anytime someone who paid anything shows up. At the same time, both need to prove they have a monetary value and scripts they push/discover showing up on their industry wide lists is a great marketing tool.

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  15. Posted my real time thoughts on Epsilon and Black Box in Coverage section. What next? Untitled McCormick Cops script or Rockets Red Glare? Or read Hello Ladies for fun?

    1. Penelope


      Yeah man. You're reviews are top notch. Keep it up.

    2. andrewpwoodberry


      Thanks guy and gal. Put up a review of Rockets' Red Glare. Like they used to say on the "In Loving Color" skit...Hated it!

    3. Foz90


      Hello Ladies is great fun and a fast read.

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  16. Embarrassed to say my favorite of Ted's comedy uploads was "Wendell & Vinnie." Maybe some of the network comedies will be better.

  17. Bored? Check out my pilot spec -- Newport News -- uploaded to Amazon Studios: http://bit.ly/Jy8oe7. Throw it some review stars to get it on the front page if you're feeling generous (#shameless)

  18. Has anyone read the first 10 of "Nathan Decker"? Could Fogelman have crammed in more exposition? He's really putting the "tell" in "show not tell." I wonder if selling this as a pitch lessened his motivation or something. Very unlike Fogelman.

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    2. psc44


      I have to say that in this one instance "telling" nstead of showing actually worked nicely to set up the character.

    3. AlexGorelik


      I would agree. I thought it was very effective and I am sure a major page saver.

    4. sankofa


      hmm...it just got an "Impressive" over at Scripshadow.blogspot.com which means something or nothing...but i'll have to download this and read it over the weekend...

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