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  1. Any 2015 Hit List/ Black List scripts outside of the Top 10 really good and worth reading? Thanks in advance for suggestions.

    1. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      Castle Drive was a treat. Effective and creepy.

    2. drb000


      Three Months from BL

  2. Today I'm watching Black Mirror while getting my work done. I wonder what ratings a US version would get?

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      Things to love about Black Mirror: strong production design; exploring the intersection of sex, relationships and technology; an always satisfying and retrospectively inevitable conclusion; great musical score

    2. zkendall


      New episodes being made on netflix next year

  3. Revisiting West Wing this week. I really miss that show.

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      BTW #3 - Great mix of serialization and self-contained episode conflicts.

    2. andrewpwoodberry


      BTW #4 - I'm up to Emmy award winning episode "In Excelsis Deo". Great back and forth argument between co-writer Rick Cleveland and Aaron Sorkin over who deserved credit for episode here starting Nov 2000: http://www.westwingepguide.com/S1/Episodes/10_IED.html

    3. andrewpwoodberry


      BTW #5 - Interesting how Rob Lowe, Bradley Whitford and Allison Janney all ended up on network sitcoms in recent years.

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  4. Cold in July is a great read. Excellent plot turns to keep the reader engaged.

    1. osg


      Thanks for the recommend. I liked the movie but hadn't thought to add the script to my reading queue.

    2. andrewpwoodberry


      It's got a throwback style with a ton of ellipses.

    3. adlocke


      i wonder what all those ellipses were supposed to do. it was very unusual. we're the writers calling me through the pages, inviting me to read more vanilla dialogue? i had my doubts.

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  5. A very long but insightful read on the newest film studio, STX Entertainment http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/01/11/the-mogul-of-the-middle

    1. sankofa


      thanks for this, Andrew!!!!

    2. Ashish


      Illuminating read. Thanks Andrew! Can't help but root for STX, tbh.

  6. The editors of Making a Murderer deserve a lifetime achievement Emmy.

    1. axalon


      Steven's defense attorneys too, those guys were on point every step of the way

    2. benskelly2


      Thank god for those two decent and very competent men, otherwise I would have completely lost faith in mankind. Or at least the justice system.

  7. I wrote a rambling, self-indulgent, reddit-esque post in Chit Chat about why I hate the Hit List and the Black List

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      And yes, I used a clickbaity title. I hate myself for that. But titles get eyeballs, right?

    2. adlocke


      andrew you are the mack daddy pimp for getting married. i do legal and nothing works from what i've learned in screenwriting. sense of a word, forget it. i love the hitlist and blacklist for its praise of storytelling. i don't know where else to find pimp shit.

  8. I'm not sure how this site exists, but this link will take you to transcripts of a ton of current shows: http://transcripts.foreverdreaming.org/

    1. keithdav


      I checked out a number of transcripts here and they only had the dialogue (and a few had sfx), but they didn't identify which character is speaking. So not terribly useful.


    2. andrewpwoodberry


      Yeah, it's a transcript only site. Useful for comedy, not quite as much for drama.

  9. A lot of great screenwriting lessons can be gleaned from the musical Hamilton. Worth a listen on Spotify -- especially "My Shot"

    1. RobertCornero


      Thanks for the recommendation.

    2. nmoher


      Guess that explains why he won the MacArthur Genius Grant.

    3. sankofa


      I need to listen to the soundtrack. Better yet, I need to plan a trip to NYC to see Hamilton! yea that!


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  10. Is El Mayimbe serious that there are two "making of Godfather" specs floating around out there? https://twitter.com/elmayimbe/status/646541768935129088

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Wouldn't be surprising.

    2. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      Getting. Old. Now.

    3. vikasbandhu


      Are these around to read?

  11. Posted some thoughts on early tv pickups in the Review section of the forum. Would be interested to hear others' opinions as well.

  12. Does Safety Not Guaranteed receive the same level of interest if it wasn't loosely inspired by a real classified ad? Just curious...

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    2. admin


      What's to say you can't take an ad out yourself :-)

    3. craig


      Red is correct. Haha. Whatever it takes.

    4. StringerBell


      I don't think it gets made without the ad. Loved the script, but the movie fell a bit flat for me.

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  13. 2014 Hit List Recommendation: Remember by Benjamin August. It's slow and understated, but worth the journey.

    1. craig
    2. admin


      Read this one over the break myself, and absolutely agree with you. August has been slowly building quite a career, and it's well deserved.

    3. Ashish


      Thanks, will check it out!

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  14. A nice, inspirational story from Jay Lavender (co-writer of The Break-Up and The Wedding Ringer): http://jaylavender.com/post/107802088632/jeremy-garelick-the-wedding-ringer

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    2. Mysterian


      All I keep seeing on twitter are quotes of people raving about how good the screeners they attended were.


      I can't see this bombing.

    3. andrewpwoodberry


      StringerBell -- It's relative. This won't make piles of money compared with Ride Along. Will be interesting to see Get Hard B.O. Even Eddie Murphy/Jim Carrey eventually lost favor as quality of their films declined.

    4. StringerBell


      Of course it's relative, but it's on course to make A LOT of money. It doesn't have to match or beat Ride Along to be very successful and keep Hart at the top of studio comedy lists for a while.

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  15. “Remember what Bogie and my mother both used to say: ‘Character is the most important thing. All that matters is character!’ ” - Lauren Bacall

  16. Looking for action/thriller spec ideas? Follow @LAScanner on twitter. Plus, paints a pretty accurate picture of LA if you're planning to move here.

    1. palostick


      VAN NUYS: Sommelier has a corkscrew in his pocket. Maybe trying to stab someone @ a liquor store. LAPD enrte.


    2. craig


      thanks. pretty entertaining... and scary.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      There was an indie out of Seattle a few years back with similar premise. Name escapes me but it was at Sundance.

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  17. Bradley Cooper's CHEF re-titled to ADAM JONES... apparently JOHN SMITH was unavailable?

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    2. Corsairs


      I admit I'm now unhappy that MICHELIN MAN wasn't chosen. :)

    3. Bobbylaw


      perfectly understandable re; name change as Favs beat em to the punch but AJ is a terrible title. 2b clear, tho..this is NOT BC's Chef..it's STEVEN KNIGHT's


    4. mebishop2001


      How about SIMMER? It's a cooking term, plus it fits Adam's attitude problems.

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  18. TB'r Dominic Morgan in the news again! Crushing it: http://www.deadline.com/2014/06/roger-spottiswoode-hyperbaric-narco-sub/

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    2. npquinn


      Excellent news, well done chaps.

    3. palostick


      cheers guys!


    4. Mike


      Not surprised in the least, but delighted for you guys.

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  19. Chrome Users: If PDF files are opening in a new tab instead of Acrobat, type "Chrome:Plugins" into browser and disable Chrome PDF Viewer. Just started happening to me and was uber annoying.

    1. mister_7


      Thank Jebus you said that. Been annoying me like I can't explain.

    2. Foz90


      I thought it was something I'd done. Great tip. Ta.

    3. Galleria.Pictures


      Thank you ever so much for this!

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  20. Starting mini-reviews of NBC comedies in the Coverage section; I call out a writer for misinformation on "The Graduate"; Go Bears!

  21. I finished mini-reviews for all available ABC comedies (anyone have Irreversible or Saint Francis?) Most likely to go to series -- cast contingent, of course -- are Unt Kevin Hart (fka Keep it Together), The Winklers and either Strange Calls or Fresh Off the Boat.

  22. Just posted the review in W-I-P for the lowest rated Black List script I've ever seen. (HINT: It's mine).

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    2. twofingeredtypist


      You have my sympathies and admiration, Andrew. ONWARDS!

    3. palostick


      Andrew Woodberry AKA the smartest guy in the room.

    4. macaggiano


      Chock it up as a learning experience. Kick ass on the next one.

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  23. Added all of MISFIRE to the W-I-P post. If you read it, post your thoughts. It's good for me to grow a thick skin.

  24. Just posted a script to the BL site for the 1st time. Put an excerpt of it in the Works-in-Progress section here. Any feedback would be appreciated!

    1. hollywoodude
    2. andrewpwoodberry


      Thanks dude! (always wanted to say that)

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