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  1. It's a slooow burn, but HBO's The Night Of is engrossing. Watch the pilot for all the great setups that will be paid off later.

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    2. sbbn


      @Axalon, as a former prosecutor, you're dead on. Not that police are bad or have bad intentions (for the most part), but by the time they are questioning you, they aren't on your side and and they aren't asking you questions to help you.

    3. axalon


      @sbbn I love how they showcased everyone on the police force working together on that. "Oh you want a lawyer? That's not gonna look good to a jury..."


      Really goes to show how hard it is to think straight when three people in the room are telling you to do something.

    4. sbbn


      @Axalon, very true and the show does a great job of showing the police being friendly with the defendant in the interrogation. Maybe there are some places where police use an aggressive approach or a good cop/bad cop routine but I've never seen it in actual practice. The soft-spoken, friendly approach is more realistic and more effective from both what I've seen in my real life experience and what I've read in research.

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