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  1. I don't quite understand the economics of movie making. So many of the movie packages selling at Cannes seem non-commercial, despite the strong talent involved. Would love a comprehensive breakdown of $ paid at Cannes vs. foreign pre-sales recouped vs. box office performance.

    1. rotru


      because the film market favors "talent involved" over quality of story. I can't give you a breakdown but they know a few famous faces make more money than a great film with no known faces. The film festivals are also major shams like this, they will pick up every 'known actor' movie no matter the quality, its just a popularity contest - the judges and festival owners just want schmooze time, you learn this when you get to know some festival runners.

    2. andrewpwoodberry


      As a for instance... a 2015 Black List scripted project called Boy starring Noomi Rapace is selling. Logline-wise, sounds very similar to Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special. That movie got 83% RT score, distributed by WB, and still only made $6MM worldwide on $18MM budget. So who is modeling that package as a good investment?

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