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  1. Just started following Modern Family writer Danny Zuker on Twitter (@dannyzuker). He really captures Billy Wilder's stolen quote: "A tip from Lubitsch: Let the audience add up two plus two. They’ll love you forever." Plus he's good with Vine.

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      Some examples of his where you the reader get to add up 2+2:


      I just watched a 15 year old girl who was busy texting walk into a light post and I am no longer an atheist.


      The quality of the gifts I get my family when I'm away is proportional to how poorly I behaved. They're all getting cars. #ByeSydney


      The most disturbing thing I ever found on my son's computer was an empty history folder.

    2. adlocke


      that looks fun!


      im real excited to be coming up with a screenplay. so what if i can't write a novel.


      a girl told me she love guys with glasses. she says it makes them look hot. i thought she meant shot glasses. #vision impaired


      pregnant teenagers have to decide whether or not to keep or give up their baby at such a young age. that's a huge decision. is it bad that at 39 i still can't decide if i like pepsi or coke better? #save that one for 2026

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