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  1. Has anyone read the first 10 of "Nathan Decker"? Could Fogelman have crammed in more exposition? He's really putting the "tell" in "show not tell." I wonder if selling this as a pitch lessened his motivation or something. Very unlike Fogelman.

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    2. specwriter


      Anyone else using Firefox and having trouble with their status updates? When I push "Comment" nothing happens, but if I refresh the page my comment has posted. It just doesn't look it's posted at first.

    3. ted


      It's right here:http://forum.tracking-board.com/index.php?/topic/6575-nathan-decker-by-dan-fogelman/page__hl__+nathan++decker__fromsearch__1

    4. specwriter


      Thanks Ted, and now I see that I already downloaded it yesterday! Not having a good morning, and dreading Act 3 of this rewrite assignment. :(

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