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  1. I've seen the Lauryn Kahn script as "He's Fucking Perfect" and "He's Fuckin' Perfect." Can we please clarify which unusable stunt title is correct?

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    2. sangun


      The first. If you use too many apostrophes on digital theater displays it will trigger an early release of the War Games remake.

    3. jtthieme


      Considering the number of misused commas in the script, I believe the title is supposed to be He's Fucking, Perfect.

    4. benskelly2


      Studio Exec Looking At Script With Fuck In The Title: "Huh. That's funny."

  2. Read this same article last night. This whole issue of Wired, loosely dealing with "The Underworld," had several interesting bits about crime I plan to steal and incorporate into my work.
  3. Great premise for a zany comedy except for, you know, all the murder.
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