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  1. Yeah, Snow White is the latest "it-girl" casualty in the public domain follies. And, admittedly, I'm guilty of contemporized classical character reboots in my own work. But we're on overload now. It's like how every thriller pitch is like "Taken". (It's like Taken but a musical...in 3D....It's like Taken but instead of Liam Neeson, it has Kevin Sorbo wearing a Nicholas Cage mask...It's like Taken but the whole movie takes place inside a coffin in the ba...

    1. Bodhi1701


      in the back of a bus that has to continuously drive or it'll explode. It's Taken meets the Hangover starring Dr. James Franco. Actually, that last one sounds pretty good. I like Franco. Nice guy.

    2. Bodhi1701


      He is attached to every movie out there tho. While getting a PhD. He's going to be shown sleeping in some of those movies. It's the only way, I think.

    3. AliM


      I predict this turning into a fiasco similar to the superhero glut over the last decade. ie. It'll be the majors first, Cinderalla, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and by 2018 it'll be bottom tier characters you've never even heard of. Like 'Ivy Leaguea, The Princess Who Was Determined To Go To Harvard'.

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