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    I grew up on a steady diet of war movies, adventure stories and epics and still love every one of them to bits -- Where Eagles Dare, Guns of Navarone, Lawrence of Arabia.

    Sidney Lumet, Oliver Stone and David Lean are my cinematic idols. I enjoy constructing hardboiled genre movies and realworld espionage stories.

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  1. The number of writers getting signed up with reps off the back of the TB pilot contest is truly amazing

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    2. Mysterian


      @TB Red, you should start a weekly thread called "Red's Rant". I'd read it.

    3. craktactor


      Red, some writers don't or can't see investing in themselves. And that's how I see coverage services and contests, investment.

    4. sometimeaftertwoam


      TB, what were you doing reading the DoneDeal boards? Nothing but a bunch of bitter whiners over there.

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