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  1. Doesn't sound like the Transformers writers room improved the franchise...

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    2. jinkazama


      The other ones sucked. There's no reason this one would be different. Especially when its the same director.

    3. palostick
    4. sbbn


      Great link palostick , thanks for posting!

  2. Neil Turitz's articles on Tracking Board are genius. I love this guy, and hope he gets more exposure in 2017 for all his excellent work.

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    2. Ashish


      Yep yep. Loved his piece on emotional connections.

    3. babybruck2


      Amen to all of that, though I don't always agree, he does make excellent points

    4. lauriestark


      Agreed! Everything he writes is fresh and insightful.

  3. In a galaxy far, far away, I co-wrote a small straight to DVD arthouse movie called Hard Target 2. Trailer's out.

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    2. Spartan
    3. twofingeredtypist


      looking forward to checking it. Knepper in Henrikson role!

    4. rwe15


      Great! Don't forget to keep track of the foreign levy monies!

  4. 99 Homes is indie thriller filming at its best. Now streaming on Amazon Prime, can't believe I missed it when it came out in cinemas

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    2. kjl451


      Loved it as well, great flick!


    3. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      Liked the film, but the script was MUCH better, stronger...

    4. palostick


      will check it out, thanks


  5. I urge everyone to get stuck into the TB Runway pilot reviews. Andrew and Ashish are on fire. Variety and Deadline should snap them up.

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    2. lauriestark


      I read them all last night and am anxiously awaiting the next round! I laughed out loud several times at the reviews.

    3. lauriestark


      Here's the link to all the posts tagged with The Runway: http://www.tracking-board.com/category/features/the-runway/

    4. Ashish


      Thanks peeps :)

  6. Exquisite timing. One week before The Martian comes out, Nasa announces they've found water on Mars.

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    2. benskelly2


      Oh please, the film's going to be huge. I'm so tired of this PC gotcha' culture where every word a celebrity utters is parsed for some kind of offense. It's like the Internet meets the Salem witch trials.

    3. Nic.Lishko
    4. StringerBell


      +1, Ben. On top of that, he hasn't said anything even remotely wrong.

  7. Finally watched Friedkin's Sorcerer. See it on the biggest screen you can. https://thedissolve.com/features/interview/543-william-friedkin-on-sorcerer-his-career-and-fate/

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    2. ideafeast


      Thanks for the tip! Look forward to catching this.

    3. agkinowerken


      Awesome film, fantastic score (Tangerine Dream), and a really interesting interview with the always lucid Friedkin. Thanks for the link.

    4. palostick


      I love the fact that he's 78 and still making unconventional movies like Killer Joe.

  8. How do I #FF Bash for his laser guided notes service? 5 star best ever.

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    2. opie100
    3. Ashish


      Thanks for your interest, everyone! Will PM shortly with details.

    4. timorawe


      Count me in.

  9. Anyone want to hazard a guess how much money Shonda Rimes earns a year as the world's most successful writer-producer. $10m? $50m?

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    2. sankofa


      dont forget Grey's Anatomy *AND* Private Practice are both in syndication...

    3. mebishop2001
    4. palostick


      imagine what she earns every thursday night -- the triple bill of grays anatomy and how to get away with murder and scandal....

  10. Wanted to publicly thank and endorse Reader George's coverage skills. The man is thorough and insightful

    1. Reader George

      Reader George

      Hey, appreciate the shout-out! Enjoyed the read.

    2. Nic.Lishko


      Me too! George gave me amazing notes on Henchman right before I turned it in for coverage :D

    3. Reader George
  11. The number of writers getting signed up with reps off the back of the TB pilot contest is truly amazing

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    2. sankofa


      TB Red for the win! :)

    3. nazardo


      It's about making the RIGHT investments and TB via coverage / contests has proven results. If you have the talent you will get noticed here vs countless other places that are nothing more than cash grabs selling a dream.

    4. sankofa


      i for one am inspired to not only keep writing but keep going and I know that TB is the place where more people are getting discovered, getting repped and all that. So i'm thankful for this site and the community here


  12. Captain Phillips is the best adult thriller I've seen for a very long time. Felt utterly real and terrifying in a non hollywood way. Greengrass is back.

    1. npquinn


      Excellent news. Off to a preview tonight.

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