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  1. Why has the new Star Trek not beat the first one's opening weekend, even with 3D and Imax premiums and an 87% critics rating? It had the best trailer of the year. (No spoilers!)

  2. wait a sec... Dimension dumped AFTERSHOCK on 110 screens? seriously?

  3. Huge dump of OWAs! A few I wouldn't dare touch, a ton that don't spark any interest at all, a few that do interest me and one I'd like to take a crack at. Time to advance, then maybe one day I can fill one of these OWAs .

  4. best side job to have while pursuing writing career?

  5. Hey guys. Could use your help rewiring my thought process. I have always had this fear that if I don't watch alot of TV and Movies all the time, that I will get stale in writing. Yet when I get busy that means I have to allow for writing and watching. I think in these instances I should focus more on the writing, but then I fear my writing will suffer? Thoughts? Wisdom?

  6. Did anyone watch the Walking Dead finale? What a mess...While there was one major scene that I loved (think you might be able to guess which - it was the big one) the idea of "resolution" in the manner presented? Horrible. Just...horrible.

  7. Does the director of a series pilot get residuals on the show for the rest of its run? I assume that's the draw that attracts so many big-name directors to pilots.

  8. Someone emailed me a network draft of something and all the "T's" are missing.

  9. Olympus Has Fallen trailer: http://youtu.be/vwx1f0kyNwI Ummm...yeah.

  10. Question: If one was writing a farcical take on the Bond franchise, what are the dangers (read: legal) one would expect? And it is purely farcical. Thanks.

    1. Escapist


      farce/parody is protected so it's fine. otherwise SCARY MOVIE would never been able to do it.

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  11. Question for the team...want to write a script based on a book that I HATE...which is why I want to write the script and change everything and make it better than it was before. IF I change it enough and make it a totally new story, how do I go about making sure I'm safe? The book is more of an inspiration than a true adaptation...suggestions?

  12. Man, I really want to know the plot of the new Star Trek into Darkness movie... loved the teaser trailer.

  13. my short got picked to air on Aint it Cool News this week. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/59331

  14. Young and Hungry 2012 list up, wooooo!

    1. Escapist


      not really clear the point of this list... exceptto create another list. but CONGRATS to everyone on it!

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  15. Young and Hungry 2012 list up, wooooo!

    1. Escapist


      had to open it with google chrome. how's this list not just people who got heat off a recent spec/s?

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  16. Young and Hungry 2012 list up, wooooo!

  17. Question about revenge movies: is there a "moral code" of sorts in these kinds of movies?

  18. Had a conversation about how to judge if your film is a flop or not. It took weeks for someone to bother to post a pirated copy of The Raven on the internet.

  19. absolutely loved "The Dark Knight Rises".

  20. absolutely loved "The Dark Knight Rises".

  21. Wow, "Brave" so disappointing. WTF Pixar? Will "Total Recall" be the next summer let-down?

  22. Trailer for Jack Reacher looks good. Doesn't look anything like what I remember from the screenplay for One Shot...? (granted, it's been a while since I read that one).

  23. about to pitch CHUTES AND LADDERS as a buddy cop movie. let the bidding war commence!

  24. Been watching the brilliant 90-minute Ghost Rider 2 making of. Also watched the deleted scenes. The first one Blaze was in a church. the comes out trying to contain the rider on his knees in the street. A figure, revealed to be a priest is standing over him. and was surprised to see him being played by Noel Clarke. WTF?

  25. Question for working screenwriters here: What would be your key advice for career longevity? Ie. What do you think the difference is between the folk who get one big sale and/or a Black List mention and then flame out forever, and the folk who are actually putting their kids through college with screenwriting?

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