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  1. wait a sec... Dimension dumped AFTERSHOCK on 110 screens? seriously?

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    2. sankofa


      it was $6.99 where I'm at...and I WANT MY MONEY BACK! UGH Such a crapfest of a movie and PRIME example of a trailer that shows *ALL* of the good scenes of a movie. Between that and No One Lives, horror has sucked assalicious monkey balls. Thank God The Purge and You're Next are still to come!

    3. CastorTroy16


      I agree. Aftershock was awful. To its credit, it stuck with one theme throughout the movie - nothing happens. Worse, they had these drawn out scenes about character deaths for people we didn't care about. At all. With this dud and Hemlock Grove, I'm losing faith in my boy Eli Roth.

    4. Escapist


      it's on VOD? really? wow...

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