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  1. I'm a huge Fincher fan, but Gone Girl didn't blow me away. Performances were good, especially Pike and Perry. I'm not sure if it was the photography but it came off a little dull.

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    2. specwriter


      Loved the book, loved the film. But Affleck needs to stop skipping leg day in the gym. He's suffering from Hugh Jackman syndrome -- huge upper body, chicken legs. This of course did not deter my appreciation of the film, important as this issue obviously is. ;-)

    3. sankofa


      Spec_Writer: LMAO Ben's doing the chicken legs diet?! What's up with folk not doing squats and deadlifts these days? so weird...LOL

    4. axalon


      Jackman can deadlift ~485lbs, he's not skipping leg day.

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