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  1. This BBCAmerica Copper show sounds very cool - anyone got the pilot? Feel like it could be all the goos parts from Gangs of New York - but on TV!

    1. Alexy


      totally agreed.

  2. Does anyone have tips (or contacts?) for getting free tv taping tickets? I have 2 visitors coming from out of town in early August and want to take them out to a show, but I just keep filling out online forms and there are no guarantees ...

    1. mikeyP_73


      You know all the CBS and Warner Brothers shows (especially on the Radford and Warner Lots) are pretty good if you go through TVTickets.com - stupid question but have you tried that?


    2. daphmax


      Yes! Thanks - I agree, that site is pretty helpful, but the dates I need tickets for have only a few tapings and all of theirs are sold out for those days.

    3. specwriter


      How about Conan?


  3. i want cookies

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    2. admin


      Kind of chewy, kind of crunchy chocolate chip would KILL me right now... and I mea the good kill... not the bad kill.

    3. mikeyP_73


      If you go to some new websites today you'll get a ton of cookies...

    4. daphmax


      lol, sorry, that was a semi lucid writery craving ...

  4. nicholls extended deadline proofreading ...

  5. Hi,

    Was just searching the forums to see if there was a copy of the Sucker Punch script, and saw your old post - did you ever manage to track this script down?

  6. Whoa, pilot-y goodness! So many to read for this weekend! thanks to everyone who shared!

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    2. daphmax


      Thought What Would Jane Do has the right charm for ABC Family crowd, although there is no way Urban Outfitters pays $36k to entry level assistants - aside from that minifact, it worked for me.


    3. LeftyJones


      I started the Dunham pilot... Got bored real fast. Feels like same ol' same ol' whiny post-grad angst that littered indie cinema in the 90s... And goes absolutely nowhere.

    4. daphmax


      yup. Trying to get the feel for the Charlie's Angels pilot, but its not working. If they do it with insane visuals it might work, but right now the script feels pretty lame.

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