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  1. @ Jiblings - waaaay too true!

  2. If Tarsem Singh really does direct Snow White-- Watch the fuck out!
  3. "The Days Before" is getting the iPad one over... Not too shabby Mr. St. John

  4. yeah, Abe CRUSHED it. The Dance hall scene was like something out of Kill Bill. Prob WAS inspired by it!
  5. Cyber Hater


    yes u do! f*ck the $1000 one, just the basic 16gb for $540 after tax. U'll be clocking scripts like it's your job... it might be lol
  6. Started blog... And actually am "blogging" lol

  7. So I can't lie, I REALLY like the 2. Can totally see why they received the HUGE deals they did. Abe Lincoln was better as far as AWESOME kick ass flicks go. Snow White had a better world/will have more chance at intl b.o. Could totally see it in my head as a 3D flick, like Alice and Wonderland but WAYYYYY better :-) BUT at the end of the day, honest Abe gets my vote!
  8. Cyber Hater


    So I've literally been BURNING thru scripts ever since I got my iPad. It's craaaaazy. I feel like I'm neglecting my Mac pro, like when I use it- it's strictly business.
  9. iPad + tracking board = digital crack

    1. tbwhite


      Hey Cyber, don't know if you noticed but via mobile phones and tablets, you can even read the entire library without ever even needing to use one of your downloads. Literally by opening them, and just reading them there.

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