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  1. @Hasmap: you ever finished "Live Today..."?

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    2. Hasmap


      Almost, cyberhater. I've changed a lot of the dialogue, etc. I've done a lot to the script in general, but have kept lines like Anon qouted. I will be uploading a segment soon. And I've changed the title to: The Rise and Fall of Harry Valentine.


    3. AliM


      Why not just shorten it to 'Valentine.'?


      It'd be shorter, punchier, and since I'm assuming the film remains in the crime/gangster genre, would be reminiscent of titles like 'Serpico', or 'Rampart' (new Woody Harrelson cop flick)?

    4. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      @Hasmap: I actually loved it the way it was... You shouldn't change a thing. That shit had CHARACTER...rare for a script.


      It's almost a TB classic... True story

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