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  1. Any recommendations for a terrific read from the latest batch posted in the File Exchange? I'm itchin' for a good read.

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      Not new -- and both already filmed -- but I liked reading 2010 aussie film "Animal Kingdom" and the pilot for "Orphan Black." If you like Ingelsby, you should like those.

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      Thank you. I've made my selections for tonight's read - the Orphan Black pilot and Luc Besson's MALAVITA (after seeing trailer online). Thank you - please keep the suggestions coming.

    3. admin


      The Orphan Black series is actually really good. Surprisingly so, dare I say.

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  2. Good Lord, Fast & Furious 6 was simply wretched. Every line was a full-on groaner. I pity the morons that laughed along, above the howls the the damned infant on some idiot's lap. I was dying inside at the slow mental pitches to the lowest common denominators that pepper this increasingly jamoke planet. Twarn't much better when I snuck over and wasted two hours of my life in the excruciating wonderment that is Hangover III.

    1. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      That sounds like the most painful double feature ever. What did you ever do that God punished you so?

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      high hopes, my friend, high hopes...

    3. Sly0712


      Ah yes, block buster expectations. The leading cause of heart attacks amongst male cinephiles.

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  3. hmm, I don't know what to read next... any suggestions?

    1. adlocke


      12/24 - nice and light

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      thank you for the rec's - I shall read these 2 next.

    3. craktactor


      Best Actress. A fun read. Joan and Bette at their best/worst.

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  4. Geesh... I'm sorry, but The Green Inferno has me "green infuriated," 'cause dude, you CAN'T dissolve reefer in Amazon rain water - THC is only released by OIL extraction - NOT water! And so, okay, you slip the killer weed into the cannibal's food, oh no, I see it coming - yup, it gives them the MUCHIES - for YOU! Oh no, oh no, oh no...

    1. sangun


      Your post is like someone's internal monologue when talking to Eli Roth.

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      oh no, oh no, oh no...

    3. dsjones


      Yea...some people put in zero effort.

  5. wow. really enjoying THE EAST. A beautiful first page and deftly penned first 10.

    1. craig


      Read 'The East' today. Liked it a lot.

  6. Question: I prefer printing out scripts and reading them in a variety of places. How do YOU read scripts - print copy, computer screen or Kindle-type tablet? The Kindle Paperwhite sounds intriquing, but it's just too small for my desired experience. Is there a simple, 8 X 11 PDF reader out there?

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    2. Mysterian


      That's wicked sankofa... I work at a printing plant and I don't even print scripts out, unless it's my own work.

    3. NoahTG


      PDF Expert on iPad. Hands down the best for reading and making notes. Def worth the money.

    4. sankofa


      well they don't check what gets printed they only comment when the printing output is larger than usual and it's per quarter..and i rarely print things out in color, okay I DO...but not much...so i get away with it...but i've been doing it less often now that i'm writing my own stuff and haven't had much time for reading (ill be doing that when i'm off from work the next few days i'm re-reading The Silver Linings Playbook, re-watching and reading House At The End O...

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  7. Wow. Lots of interesting requests in the ISO forum.

  8. Caught a sneak peak of Moonrise Kingdom last night - absolutely fantastic.

    1. ThaVillain


      Going to see it today! Can't wait!

    2. StringerBell


      I'm in the tiny minority, apparently. This one just felt flat and forced to me. It was certainly no BOTTLE ROCKET or RUSHMORE.

    3. admin


      Not my favorite, not my least favorite - enjoyed it.

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