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  1. Hmm, Write2Reel went to a "paid site" status yesterday. ($60.00 a year) How many of you frequent this "little brother" to the Tracking Board? For the most part, TB kicks ass over it in all areas, but lately some gems have popped up via someone scanning in hard to find scripts. I think I'll pass on paying for their weak service. Any thoughts?

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    2. agkinowerken


      I found it a good source for older, harder-to-find scripts -- e,g, a recent thread on Hitchcock thrillers, mostly scanned originals -- but I'm not convinced it's worth $60 per year... Also, lack of warning of movement to pay service was somewhat annoying....

    3. Gunnerkat


      Really, $60 a year...and you give no notice at all. Pretty amateur. I liked the site and probably gave more than I took, but for that kind of money I'd expect a lot more. Sayonara Write to Reel.

    4. Preminger


      So everybody has to pay $60 now? even long time members that added scripts?

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  2. Alright, I'm dying to head to a magnificent Indian buffet for lunch - can I get some suggestions on what will be my next fantastic read? There's nothing like grazing well, hunched over a dynamite script.

    1. Jaco



      In the Deep

    2. Corsairs


      Thirded. "In the Deep" is riveting.

  3. WOW. I caught a sneak peek showing of GET ON UP (James Brown bio-pic) earlier this week and it is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD.

    1. mebishop2001


      83% positive on RT right now. Encouraging sign.

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      It was a crowd pleaser. Lots of applause.

    3. Coz


      I really liked it. I know they struggled with the editing, but still, well done.

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  4. I'm looking for suggestions on what to read next... Any thoughts on some of the new specs shared here recently?

  5. May I take a moment, as the trailer for NIGHTCRAWLER is so tasty - I'd just like to stop for a moment and say, damn, page 40 of the 11.27.2012 draft is downright delicious.

    1. Michael L

      Michael L

      that page is so fine it makes me want to walk in front of a moving bus. in a good way.

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      It's official. I'm adding "tastiest page" to the 2014 Cakes List.

  6. Is anyone else reading the graphic novel EAST OF WEST? This other-worldly Science Fiction Western would really be something on the big screen. I'm surprised I can't find any reports of producers, etc buzzing all over this one.

  7. Well, Revenant was a good read, but damn, couldn't they stick with an African-American in the lead role?!? Where is Woody Strode when we need him?!?

    1. Cdrzewie


      that's an old draft...

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      please share a newer one.

  8. Easy on the eyes, but NOAH was a steaming pile. I like what Ken Ham had to say in Time: I like what Ken Ham had to say in Time I like what Ken Ham had to say in Time http://time.com/42274/ken-ham-the-unbiblical-noah-is-a-fable-of-a-film/

    1. Pompalompa


      I can see why he's pissed. It's the same reason I got pissed when they remade total recall. He's a purist and so am I. Only difference being, I don't think Total Recall actually happened... It was all a dream!

    2. electroglodyte


      Why do you like what Ken Ham had to say in Time?

    3. Viking79


      I just thought it was weird that they used Rock Transformers to build/protect the Ark.

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  9. Spent the ady yesterday at the multiplex while my truck was being worked on. 3 Days To Kill was completely forgetable, even though I enjoyed the script last year. Robocop wa a steaming turd. My passion is the craft of screenwriting. I'm a movie nut. I'm a story junkie. I'm a script hound. So why is that I can't remember the last time a film actually satisfied me... I have high hopes for Noah, even though Hollywood (Sodom and Gomorrah) looks like it's trimmed the ev...

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    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      benskelly2 - yes, I agree, but isn't the 70's era you highlight a product of a unique time period where maverick independent filmmakers were able to work within the studio system ($) and still make it THEIR WAY with vision and daring do, rather than the mush-machine Playdoh Pumper #9 we suffer through now?

    3. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      My goodness, I love the vitality and passion of this site.

    4. benskelly2


      Very true, Mr. Cakes! Your description of what made the 70's great (maverick talent given the big train set and left alone) is spot-on. Well said. Maybe if film gets as democratized as it seems to be heading and overrun with

      "amatuers", studios will start trusting and valuing talent again over familiarity and number crunching.

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  10. I'm so sorry that the ABC Pilot of WARRIORS posted here is not about about the further adventures of Swan, Cleon, Vermin, Ajax and Cochise.

    1. mikeyP_73


      ... "come out and play-ee-ay..."


  11. OOOOH! After reading about the addition of Ian McShane (http://www.deadline.com/2014/02/ian-mcshane-patrick-wilson-star-in-the-man-on-carrion-road/), I searched out the script and I AM LOVING IT.

    1. Knock


      Saw the Deadline article. Reading it now...

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      What did you think? This, and (our site favorite) PADRE would make one heck of a double-feature!

  12. So, after all the hoopla over the Gawker leeking HATEFUL EIGHT, I'm surprised that there isn't a thread of reaction to the script. I just finished it and am composing my thoughts... Very QT (can he rip off himself?) but in the end it felt a little, well, "light." So, if Samuel L, Jackson plays Maj. Warren (way too easy, and a rather boring choice), Christoph Waltz plays Oswaldo (?),Tim Roth plays Bob (?), then Bruce Dern must be John Ruth, maybe???

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    2. ampersand


      I was waiting for a final twist that never came.

    3. twofingeredtypist


      Never found a copy....

    4. Mike


      SPOILER ALERT...LOGLINE: When a game of I'll-talk-you-to-death, amongst a group of old West degenerates reaches a stalemate, they all shoot each other.

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  13. I've posted my own "2013 List" in the Lists page. I invite all to rave about what they read and experienced this year!

    1. Jaco


      Nice list - just added "The Jaco List"

    2. adlocke
  14. Sad news. I have fond memories of watching the Billy Jack films with my dad. http://movies.yahoo.com/news/tom-laughlin-star-billy-jack-dead-82-212410321.html

    1. Mike


      Daccord, Mr. Cakes. I went with my dad too.

    2. cosmojones
  15. Good Lord, the season finale of Sons of Anarchy was brutal.

    1. ThaVillain


      I watched the Season 3 finale last night on Netflix. Watched the pilot on Friday and I've been hooked ever since. At this rate I'll be all caught up by Friday lol.

  16. Gizmado is listing the best Cyber Monday deals, and I'm interested in a e-reader 'cause it's so damn cheap ($39). Has anyone had experience with a Nook Simple Touch? Might it be a good entry into an e-reader for PDF scripts? http://gizmodo.com/the-best-cyber-monday-deals-1474441564/@shanerobertscommerce

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    2. sbbn


      Let me know if you have any problems finding it.

    3. axalon


      Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, sbbn!

    4. sbbn


      No problem! Always happy to share whatever I have to share.

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    1. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      and not one of 'em looks like a stinkin' Camry.

    2. sbbn


      This list is suspect. A Wrangler is associated with Clueless and where the eff is the 1982 Light Cycle??

  17. Your TV pitches reviewed: writers and producers dish out the tough love - http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/interactive/2013/sep/25/reader-tv-pitch-review#Endless-Bummer

    1. Reader George

      Reader George

      A fine distraction.

    2. Frobisher


      Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. The 'SMASH in Vietnam' one made me laugh.

    1. axalon


      I wonder how much of this is the result of people reviewing scripts like Script Shadow and how much of it is from people just plain bashing scripts like the TMNT reboot.


      At least Script Shadow provides feedback and constructive criticism on the material he reviews.

    2. Frobisher


      "Old" is right. I remember reading a similar article 13 years ago about how M. Night Shyamalan and his scripts were so hot that he would have a courier deliver them to studio executives to read with a time limit and have the courier wait there until the executive was done and then immediately bring the script back to him.

  18. I really enjoyed ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and ANIMAL KINGDOM pilots. Thanks for all the sharing.

  19. Is it a problem with ME or what's offered up as an alternative, but, dang, I've got to say that I rather enjoyed watching HIT AND RUN. Seen a lot of negative vibes bounce around this dude, but I thought the chemestry (natch) was really sweet. Made me feel good to hear some sweetness.

    1. KeatonHelm


      I really liked it, too.

    2. nazardo
  20. Oh, my, The Heat was horrid. Horrid, horrid putrid.

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    2. sangun


      I didn't know he was behind me. But I had made the decision to leave and I wasn't about to stop.

    3. Michael L

      Michael L

      I can't read that without laughing (I had to look up Burke and Hare).

    4. ahaikuis3@gmail.com

      [email protected]

      Most of the audience I was with laughed all the way through The Heat. I liked it.

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  21. Just got back from WWZ. I think it worked, but it sure was different from the 3 drafts I read. There not one iota of gay in me, but Brad Pitt sure is easy on the eyes...

    1. Raffles


      WWZ ended too early. An extra 25 min. could've been added, I think. It picks up in the 2nd half for me. Drew Goddard and Damon Lindelof did a good job.

    2. sangun


      I've seen three incarnations of it. The released one made me want to die less than the previous two.

    3. dsjones


      high praise. We'll see how the BO treats it.

  22. Does any one have any "scripts" of videogames? I guess it's in some sort of form of "rights and lefts", as in the choices a player makes along the way? My son is interested in media arts / game development and I'm trying to turn him on to the STORY side of the "art form." (cough cough...)

    1. adlocke


      someone posted the 2 guns script recently, not quite video games, but he could read a script before the movie comes out in theatres, which is kinda exciting.

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      thank you so much. This is such a tremendous community. The joys I find here are priceless.

    3. Galleria.Pictures


      www.vgscripts.com has a huge lot of reasonable transcripts for free.

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