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  1. How come The File Exchange has been so dry of new scripts lately? Did they change the rules about posting?

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    2. characterARC


      I agree. I think that'll be the doom of a ton of inexperienced writers. Just bangin' out pilots because less pages appears to be less work.

    3. Escapist


      Dustin is correct in my answer - package with a director, talent, etc. Takes months. Sometimes never pays off. Basically doing the studio's job for them.

    4. zkendall


      That makes sense Dustin. Palo, I totally agree on the pilot being just as much work if not more. Plus, a spec pilot is no longer enough. You need to know the first season arc, where the characters are going and how the story can turn into seasons of TV.

  2. 'Dead in the Water' is the only ScriptShadow-reviewed script ever that hasn't ended up in the File Exchange. Somone must have this...

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    2. craig


      I'm assuming Carson can't release them because they were given to him in confidence.

    3. craktactor


      It also has to do with the fact he asks everyone on his mailing list to not share them or post on any other site. So there's that too.

    4. palostick


      I was thinking of of a thread along the lines of "The Specs of 2012" thread -- but for the scriptshadow top 25 with links. Between us, we must have most of them

  3. Done Deal forums are down. Hmm...

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    2. Jabbatron


      Never the less, I'd be very careful what you post on those fiorums - I think that all this talk has only implicated Pj more, and given more incentive for FOX's lawyers. They're watching everyone!

    3. tbblack


      Hey guys, lets move this topic off the status updates. I know Red set up a section to discuss it, and I know a few others have started posts as well. Thanks.



    4. electroglodyte
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