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  1. Question for working screenwriters here: What would be your key advice for career longevity? Ie. What do you think the difference is between the folk who get one big sale and/or a Black List mention and then flame out forever, and the folk who are actually putting their kids through college with screenwriting?

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    2. sangun


      1. Write something that makes a ton a money or gets an Oscar nomination early in your career. 2. Be able to write for production and not just for a reader. Very different things. 3. Listen with your brain and not your ego. 4. Figure out who you want to be early and don't take every stupid thing offered if it doesn't fit your plan. Don't dilute the brand.

    3. Escapist


      be your own agent as well. keep in touch with your contacts.

    4. Penelope


      Learn how to take notes.

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