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  1. Hey guys, I was really happy to get an invite from Franklin Leonard to apply to the Sundance Episodic Writers Lab, and I've uploaded my latest draft. I'd love to get thoughts, or better yet, a referral to any industry player friends while I wait for word from Sundance. http://forum.tracking-board.com/index.php?/topic/10846-1-hour-tv-pilot-hot-geek/?p=30942

  2. Can't find the How I Met Your Father pilot that is supposedly in the File Exchange. Can someone please offer a link to it? Thanks.

  3. "Seventh Son" looks like it cost $250 million based on the trailer, but it's opening in early January? Is WB dumping it because it's Legendary or is it just a turkey?

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    2. Jaco


      Originally was slated to open Oct. 2013, then pushed to Jan. 2014, and most recently shelved until Feb. 2015.

    3. Escapist


      uni bought it from WB after legendary moved

    4. axalon


      Oh wow I hadn't seen this trailer...this does not look very good :/

  4. New action series with Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gina Gershon and David Arquette. FX? USA? Starz? Nope, try...Crackle? http://www.crackle.com/c/cleaners/cleaners-trailer/2490521

  5. Hey guys, my pilot is up in Works In Progress, got some accolades for it. Love to get your feedback. http://forum.tracking-board.com/index.php?/topic/10846-1-hour-tv-pilot-hot-geek/

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    2. storymaps99


      A commenter mentioned that "Tranquility Base" was launched by the Tracking Board contest. Is that originally how Brooklyn found it?

    3. LeftyJones


      Yeah BW was a judge for the contest here I'm pretty sure and plucked the script and got the sale before the contest was even finalized.

    4. ddollar


      i've heard the script has been around for some time though - maybe it was just through the contest in which the interest was really finally piqued

  6. Harmon back on Community.

    1. dsjones


      Awesome, missed the Bite this season.

  7. Just as I suspected: "...an excuse for ostensibly grown men to drink their own urine, kick around a guy’s severed head and have long, drawn-out arguments about their autoerotic habits in “This Is the End.”" from Variety's review. Pass.

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    2. admin


      I've actually been hearing a lot of good things about this one.

    3. mebishop2001


      The Variety review overall is positive.

    4. mebishop2001


      The Variety review overall is positive.

  8. Why has the new Star Trek not beat the first one's opening weekend, even with 3D and Imax premiums and an 87% critics rating? It had the best trailer of the year. (No spoilers!)

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    2. Mike


      I'm with palostick. Like a painting in which construction lines underlie the finished product, I might not have minded all the hamfisted generic action tropes if they'd bothered to erase the construction lines before releasing the film. It looked more like a blueprint than a movie.


    3. Escapist


      predictions on TREK's drop this weekend? 60%? 65%?

    4. naugehyde


      it's so quaint that some people here think that the quality of a film has anything to do with it's opening weekend numbers.

  9. What does everyone think about the bloodbath at NBC today?

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    2. Elliott79


      The show is called 'Hannibal'.

    3. dsjones


      ...what supernatural powers? It's deduction and imagination. Not exactly superpowers in our business.

    4. storymaps99


      Those sequences where he becomes the killer and "relives" the murder have a big supernatural vibe to them. And he woke up wandering on a highway in one scene, which really gave it a supernatural vibe. If that's not the case and it's just supposed to be his intuition, sorry but I think it's overproduced nonsense. Not to mention grisly because not only do we see the aftermath with the hacked bodies, but then we get to relive the murders from the POV of the killer! Yuck.

  10. Any Shawshank Redemption fans here? Fyi we're doing a teleconference in 30 minutes, "Story Mapping Shawshank" with the I.S.A. Free: http://t.co/SJc6BPfReR

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    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Love how each sequence is its own great short film.

    3. storymaps99


      It's just a fantastic piece of writing. Everything is a setup that pays off later. Darabont picks us (and Andy Dufresne) up and then beats us back down, over and over, yet we don't see it coming because every beat is a surprise. Red's VO enhances so many scenes (especially the midpoint with Andy playing the opera over the prison p.a. system) rather than commenting on them or explaining them. Here's our detailed Story Map for whoever's interested: http://actfourscreenplays....

    4. storymaps99
  11. I have to admit that the new traler for Monsters University looks pretty great. I'm not a fan of Pixar doing sequels, but this one looks leagues ahead of Cars II just based on the trailer.

    1. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      I think Cars 2 wasn't up to par because Cars wasn't up to par. Look at Toy Story. Two sequels, and they were both strong.

    2. benskelly2


      I really enjoyed CARS - I just don't think that world could sustain a sequel. Anyway, it just didn't work. I'm hoping their dinosaur and brain movies are great originals.

    3. storymaps99


      They tried to sell Cars 2 as a passion piece because John Lasetter is supposedly so into cars, but we all know it was about merchandising. On a Disney stockholders call, the CEO said that Cars merch had outsold Star Wars merch. Insane.

  12. As a lover of "The Prestige," my immediate reaction is to hate Now You See Me.

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    2. Jaco


      Oceans 11 meets Criss Angel?

    3. admin


      Having loved the script, I'm really excited for the film. I loved Prestige as well, but they're two very different beasts.

    4. sangun


      I'd figure Lowlife would freak out a Prestige fan more than a Louis Leterrier film.

  13. Shout-Out to "The Ghastly Love of Johnny X," the worst grosser of 2012 with a cume of $117. It co-stars Creed from The Office. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1754633/?ref_=sr_1

    1. nazardo


      Damn. I was WAY off thinking the guy who plays Creed could be a leading man.

  14. Michael Bay cast an 18 year-old actress in Transformers 4. The older he gets...the girls just stay the same age. ;-)

    1. admin


      alright, alright, alright...

    2. Finley


      Sounds like Wooderson's line in 'Dazed and Confused'.

  15. My comical non-spoiler take on the Mad Men Season 6 opener: http://tinyurl.com/c2ert3x

    1. mikeyP_73


      Awesome! Thanks! Hilarious stuff... I can't believe Don is an Alien!

  16. This gif of JLaw is hilarious: http://i.imgur.com/2xplpp7.gif

    1. benskelly2


      That exchange with Nicholson was priceless. She's so funny. And adorable, and sexy, and...

    2. specwriter


      But I think her reaction was less "star struck" and more "oh my god this old creep is actually hitting on me." It was really sad to see Jack up to his dirty old man tricks.

    3. solipsistic11


      Jude law needs to cut his hair

  17. Old Empire Strikes Back docu found, this is fascinating:

    1. mercutio


      Very cool, thanks for sharing. Off to check it out.

  18. What's the buzz on "OZ?" Think it's a hit or a debacle?

  19. Anyone else feel cheated by Iron Man 3's "Extended Look?"

    1. dsjones


      more like extensive look.

  20. Does anyone know how to find the official copyright holder of a movie, for listing in a book? For example, Nolan's films are often productions from Syncopy, Legendary and a major studio or two (The Prestige also has Touchstone and NewMarket Films in there). Imdb and wikipedia are not clear. Lil' help?

    1. sbbn


      Not to be difficult but that really depends. Copyright is often referred to as a "bundle of rights" (or some shit like that - law school was a few years back)... the point being that there are different rights owned for different things. Rights for derivative works, rights of distribution (and frequently to different regions) and who owns what varies from film to film. Your best bet, honestly, is to call up the studio that released whatever film and ask their legal department. If...

  21. Is anyone else unable to add House of Cards to your Netflix queue? It's there on the home page to stream, but there's no button to add to queue. Odd.

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    2. Mysterian


      Be grateful that you get an instant queue at all. Here on the Canadian Netflix we don't get it for anything.

    3. storymaps99


      Jaco: Nope, not doing it (like it does for every other title). It must be intentional on their part, but I can't imagine why. Maybe once you play it, it will keep it at the top of your queue or something, or maybe there will be a separate tab for it? But I don't see anything like that now.

    4. Jaco


      Worked for me.

  22. Dudes, seriously watch The Americans tonight and tell me if I'm wrong that it has huge potential.

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    2. mikeyP_73


      I think it has potential. Any show whose foundation is about living a lie is usually compelling. BUT -- those flashback scenes were HORRIBLE. At least make your characters look 20 years younger. ;p

    3. sbbn


      I watched about 7 minutes of it and then realized the pilot was an hour and a half and change long and said, I'm outta here... My patience is that of a chimpanzee on cocaine.


    4. bcscreenwriter


      Wanted to like it but gave up on it after half an hour.

  23. MAD MEN RETURNS APRIL 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. vbn2019
    2. specwriter


      Is this a new photo of the Mad Men cast? If so, why does only The Daily Beast have it and not The New York Times?! http://tinyurl.com/bh6u8cn

  24. Olympus Has Fallen trailer: http://youtu.be/vwx1f0kyNwI Ummm...yeah.

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    2. Nic.Lishko


      That looked pretty good....

    3. CookieMonster


      They are very smart to release this before White House Down.

    4. storymaps99


      Elliott, I too am baffled that Gerard Butler keeps getting big roles. He was great in 300...and everything else has pretty much sucked/bombed. He's the new Colin Farrell -- keeps getting cast, despite bomb after bomb or even much likeability. He seems like a nice guy, but give us a break already. :-0

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