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  1. Little rant -- apropos of nothing... but what's the deal with websites that just offer 'Movie Transcripts'

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    2. egerst


      I get that. My frustration is more your looking for a script and think you found out it only to finds its:




      And welcome

      Who's baby is this?


    3. drb000


      That drives me nuts. Also when you google a script and then it takes you to a website that has like 10 links that claim to have the script and none of them work. Scripts-onscreen is the worst offender

    4. egerst


      Right. I find searching for the script name and PDF is often helpful but I also feel there's a large number of click bait sites that are just optimized to have every movie and then PDF come up and theres no actual script there

  2. Hey hive mind. Trying to put together a list of films that fall into the Seven Samurai/Magnificent 7/Yojimbo mold of hired pros who come to the aid of regular people/villagers. I have the usual suspects (Bugs Life, 3 Amigos, Equalizer) but I'd love some more recommends. Thanks!

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    2. rwe15


      13 Assassins was fantastic. There's also a Carnahan script on here -modern -war vets in Mexico vs. drug lord.

    3. egerst


      Nice. Ill check those out.

    4. Robin Hood

      Robin Hood

      Yo Jimbo!

      Yo Rocky!

      Yo Adrian!

  3. Can anyone recommend any good comedy pilots from the last few yrs that really pushed the envelope in interesting ways? Like if Charlie Kaufman wrote a TV pilot? Thx!

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    2. CD2010


      excellent -- thank you.


    3. GlitterKitty


      Try KIDDING, too.

    4. egerst


      Yes. Ill check that one out. Thanks!

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