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  1. Come home from awesome trip with daughter over the weekend. Power up the laptop. Everything is great. Check a few things and leave the room for 20 minutes. Return to find: OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND. Urgh. Lost zero movie scripts as they are all on my I-Pad & In the CG Arc. All TV which I hadn't uploaded to either is gone. Every script I have been writing for the last year: Gone. 550 gigs of Comics: Gone. All lists more or less gone to current updates before 02/11. Fuck.

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    2. Cyber Hater
    3. Allen


      Always backup everything online. Dropbox is easy to use, and gives you a bunch of GB free on signup, more than enough space for any scripts you might be working on.

    4. dreammachine02


      this happened to me once and now I have and external hardrive as a backup.

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