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  1. Come home from awesome trip with daughter over the weekend. Power up the laptop. Everything is great. Check a few things and leave the room for 20 minutes. Return to find: OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND. Urgh. Lost zero movie scripts as they are all on my I-Pad & In the CG Arc. All TV which I hadn't uploaded to either is gone. Every script I have been writing for the last year: Gone. 550 gigs of Comics: Gone. All lists more or less gone to current updates before 02/11. Fuck.

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    2. filmandtech


      Not gone. They are still present on the drive, you need to get with someone who does data recovery. The info will still be on the drive platters. What has happened is the drive is most likely not spinning anymore. This happened to my boyfriend and he took the drive out and had somebody recover everything. But is was a bit pricey.

    3. boynotorious


      Again people. Would any of you knowingly stick close to 16,000 scripts in the hands of your common Tech Geek? I don't think so. Better to just rebuild and rewrite at this point.

    4. electroglodyte


      Man that sucks. Good luck with the recovery, you may yet be able to get stuff back. I had the same thing happen, and now I use Carbonite for online backup of files (about 45 bucks a year) and an external HD (about 100 bucks) that is a complete bootable clone of my internal HD.

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