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  1. Vulture has a whole series of screenwriting article and interviews this week, some good stuff: www.vulture.com/news/how-movies-are-made-now/

  2. Haven't posted anything in a while -- wanted to share some links to articles I've done on SUICIDE SQUAD and other things. First off -- Oral history of the 1980s SUICIDE SQUAD comic, in two parts: 1) http://www.newsarama.com/30470-the-oral-history-of-dc-s-suicide-squad.html 2) http://www.newsarama.com/30494-the-oral-history-of-suicide-squad-part-two.html

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    2. ideafeast


      Nice article on the Duffers!

    3. jinkazama


      So did you like the movie?

    4. zacksmith8


      ideafest: thanks!

      Jinkazama: Hadn't seen it yet.

  3. Question: What is the policy for posting spec scripts for existing shows in the WiP section? Applying for fellowship and looking for feedback, but not sure how this works.

    1. adlocke


      i am so sure you can..

    2. zacksmith8
    3. admin


      Yeah, WIP is there for anything and everything someone wants some eyes on.

  4. What is the best way to find a writing partner? I have some good connections and finished a few scripts, but I'd like to work with someone who has a strong grasp of plot and pacing.

  5. Out of graduate class, so going to spend the next few weeks breaking down some episodic scripts for TV shows using a spreadsheet -- figure out scene lengths, how much plot one can pack in. Then, it's spec-writin' time!

    1. RobertCornero
    2. zacksmith8


      Ah, did not see your response until now. Thank you!

    3. zacksmith8


      BRAZEN: It turns out the guy who wrote that blog is the brother of my friend Steve, a comic-book inker. And this is in North Carolina, not LA. It's like a Kevin Bacon thing or something!


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