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  1. Any box office experts here-- Passengers is nearing 300 million world wide--is that a hit? What is the likely profit? Not sure how it all breaks down after advertising and theater split. I imagine they will also add a lot more money from streaming and other revenue.

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    2. sbbn


      I agree with Scott - if it were budgeted for a reasonable amount, it would have been a hit. With the budget it had, it's hard for any movie at all to recoup the costs, let alone make a profit. There are movies that unquestionably can and do but there aren't many.

    3. Preminger


      I personally loved the movie. Saw it 3 times in the theater. The friends and family I went with seem to really love it too. I never read the script so was surprised at how good it was. I am just afraid that after this the studios will have an excuse to give us all superhero movies, branded IP and sequels. I'm getting super hero fatigue. Even Star Wars and Back to the Future started out as original ideas.

    4. Preminger


      Btw, I read somewhere that Tommy Boy was a dud at the box office, but was a major money cow for Paramount for the next ten years in the after-theater revenue. I'm just curious how all that works. If all these movies are losses, the studios should be in bankruptcy by now.

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