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  1. Revised "MAYA" after excellent critique from paid Coverage at TB. Upped it to the Blcklst again: http://bit.ly/1lGvLWF

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    2. specwriter
    3. palostick


      How long did it take to get the coverage back? I've been waiting 2 weeks. reader still not assigned.

    4. clydd


      Thanks Spec_writer. Palostick. current trend is over 3 weeks! . I did get the automated email from them saying I qualify for a months extra hosting. - But my main gripe is, I think the readers might be overworked. I've had them read and point out areas of improvement yes - but I cant help but feel they might be tempted to not do a 100% effort based evaluation. Let see, how it goes with the next one. T-Bs review came in on time.

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