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  1. I know everyone is talking about the lists at the moment, but Ash vs The Evil Dead get so many things wrong. A few things right, but so, so much wrong.

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    2. admin


      Oh man, I have to say, personally I love the new show! Reminiscent of the films, but inviting enough for newcomers!

    3. RobertCornero


      Don't get me wrong; I'm glad we have the show. But Ash was never really this grubby womanizer with all the skills that we now see. He was just a regular, red-blooded guy, who was totally in over his head. More a bloody Buster Keaton.


      There was even a tragic element to his character that this series doesn't capitalize on.


      Ash in this series is more "Old Spice Bruce Campbell" than truly Ash.


      And the two main supporting characters are OBNOXIO...

    4. RobertCornero


      ...S and GRATING.


      Seriously, their scenes are consistently the worst. Boring. Hamfisted. Obvious. Predictable. The best thing the series could do is just kill their characters off, and use it as emotional fodder for series 2.


      The fights with the Deadites are consistently great, though, and that keeps me coming back. The design of some of the actual demons is fantastic.

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