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  1. If I'm completely honest, I feel like I've lost my ability to write. I haven't been able to flow at the level I used to be able to in a very long time.

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    2. agkinowerken


      Take a few days off. Read a book. Percolate. Then set yourself a minor deadline, like X pages in X hours. The adrenaline will do the rest.

    3. Manny


      I like dumplings myself. Fortune cookies are cool too. As for the writing, I love sports so I find ways to connect the worlds and in doing so I've found that the greatest athletes embraced the hard work, and the straight up mundaneness of constantly practicing because they knew that's how they'd get that tiny bit better than everyone else. So, hanker down, and write, forget the flow and how it feels just put a word down followed by another, soon you'll have a sentence then a p...

    4. Manny


      paragraph. There's good days and there's plenty of bad days but the greats endured them both equally, with never ending desire to keep working. So grab some dumplings and write. And don't worry about those fortune cookies.

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