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  1. An analysis of the Star Wars marketing campaign: http://robertcornero.com/?p=208

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    2. adlocke


      i'm curious. when the first star wars came out, did people know there'd be two more. i think that has something to do with marketing as well. for me, i'm not gonna set lofty expectations. that always turns into a real dog turd.

    3. Jaco


      Pretty sure the general public had no idea.

    4. RobertCornero


      Adlocke - I don't think they did. The original movie was a real mess, and saved in the editing room. There is a whole subplot excised from the film, with Biggs Darklighter, which you can hear in the original audio drama (and it's terrible). I don't think Lucas even knew there would be more. Thus we end up with the whole Luke-Leia incest-kiss. They were never originally intended to be brother and sister.

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