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  1. For the writers out there: How many words/pages per day do you try to write?

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    2. Jarrean


      Try for 25, normally end up with 15 but I shoot for the stars. lol

    3. StringerBell


      A lot of people subscribe to the "write every day" idea, but I never force it. If I'm not in a creative mood, I don't bother. So there is no normal for me, but if I get five good pages in a day, I'm happy.

    4. 36monsters


      It totally depends on my mood. Some days I'm lucky to get 5...other days it's more. I knocked out a 65 page script in 2 days last week after a total creative rush, but now I'm completely blasted and haven't written a page since. I should be back up and running by next week.

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