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  1. Sorely disappointed with Interstellar for a number of reasons.

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    2. axalon


      Robert, there are a multitude of things the movie introduces.


      1.) An accurate representation of a wormhole with equations delivered to the VFX team from one of the guys who came up with the theory.


      2.) Time as a threat. Time dilation has barely been in movies before, and if it has it's been no where near how this movie used it.

    3. axalon


      3.) A tesseract, here is a concept that has never been touched in popular movies. A four-dimensional cube, something that no human being can intuitively comprehend.


      And those are just the unique concepts introduced.

    4. axalon


      The fact that you didn't bring any of the above up in your complaints makes me think you just didn't understand them.


      A lot of the backlash this movie seems to be getting is from people who didn't understand what was happening with the science even though they clearly laid it out multiple times.

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