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  1. Sorely disappointed with Interstellar for a number of reasons.

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    2. dnluu81


      saw it, loved it.

    3. RobertCornero


      I'm being reductionist because there really isn't a lot of space to comment here.


      You say his face was gut wrenching, but really, we didn't know much about the character, so at least for me, I didn't care that he had aged 23 years. Yeah, it sucks, but nothing really ever came of it, plot-wise. He didn't go crazy. He didn't jeopardize the mission. If he hadn't aged, it wouldn't have changed the plot.


      When I saw the daughter at the end, I c...

    4. axalon


      He didn't age 23 years, everyone back on Earth did that was the point. He had just lost 23 years of his kids' lives in a matter of hours.


      And of course things came of it, the rest of the mission and the decisions following were a result from it. Especially since they just lost a crew member.

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