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  1. looking for any surrealist / magical realism specs to read & films to watch. the headier the better, as long as its executed well. any suggestions?

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    2. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      yeah i enjoyed elsewhere, another one that fits the bill from the 2013 blacklist is sea of trees, my favorite of the entire list. sooooooo good.

    3. aphid47


      How can I forget to add Terry Gilliam to the mix. Brazil is the best.

    4. Usaro


      Luis Bunuel is the master of surrealism. 'Un Chien Andalou', 'The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie' and 'Belle de Jour' are my favorites. 'The Phantom of Liberty' is another masterpiece:

  2. can december 12 come faster, p&t

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    2. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      aka can someone leak the goddamn screenplay already aka ill do dishonorable things for it

    3. alexanderpacheco


      yeah, where's the script leak for this? and for Sorkin's Jobs? and for.... I guess those are the two big ones.

    4. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      finna hit a lick

    1. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      i have a headache now ;-(

    2. joe_gillis


      The Last Story Structure Software You'll Ever Need...version 3.0...

    3. Eric W.
  3. may be looking at new apartments soon in los angeles, was thinking about finding other screenwriters / film-enthusiasts to move in with. anyone have any suggestions?

    1. opie100


      Michael Arndt might be cool. Or Diablo Cody.

    2. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      yeah that'd be pretty ideal :) also to clarify, "soon" really means early to mid next year, want to make sure its the right person(s)

  4. life before writing: http://i.imgur.com/Ed17rJ4.jpg

    1. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      what the hell are we gonna do, Largo?

    2. Nic.Lishko


      Rick and morty dot com!

  5. new season of louie...finally

    1. Elliott79


      Best show on TV by a long way.

  6. this post usa loss trauma is optimal for writing depressing scenes

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