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  1. looking for any surrealist / magical realism specs to read & films to watch. the headier the better, as long as its executed well. any suggestions?

    1. admin


      If you're looking for grounded 'magic' you can't get much better than "The Prestige"

    2. aphid47


      A Field In England might fit the bill, check out the brothers quay features, David lynch, guy Maddin, and last but not least Jean Cocteau (Orpheus and Beauty and the Beast).

    3. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      loving these so far, keep them coming. particularly looking for anything along the lines of kaufman (eternal sunshine, BJM, adaptation, synecdoche), kon (perfect blue, millenium actress, paprika) , miyazaki (spirited away), kubrick (eyes wide shut, the shining, 2001), lanthimos (alps, dogtooth), 8 1/2, altered states, inception, shutter island, hiroshima mon amour, the matrix, vertigo, black swan, etc. foreign is a big plus!

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