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  1. So who wants to take a guess at what this A24 untitled trailer is for? It's A24, so whatever they are selling, I'm buying.

    1. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      There's something calle Slice listed on A24's Wikipedia page but it goes nowhere. The other films they're releasing don't fit. Probably, though, we're not meant to know. (Looks a bit ike a car commercial to me, but I'm old).

    2. GlitterKitty


      Now that you said "car commercial," that's all I'm seeing. And yeah, doesn't fit anything on their current slate.

    3. GlitterKitty
  2. Just launched our first comedic short under our (mostly) all-woman banner, Glitter Kitty Industries. Check us out at GlitterKittyIndustries.com or watch the short at

    1. admin


      You had me at Glitter Kitty :-)

    2. GlitterKitty


      Why thank you!

  3. Anyone hear anything yet from the HBO Access fellowship? I'm impatient....

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Judging by the lack of responses, I'm guessing you're the only one that got through...

    2. GlitterKitty


      It was a total nightmare to enter that thing. WAB is the worst.

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