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  1. After reading the reviews for Burnt, I wonder: What's worse, having your screenplay never made? Or having it turned it a terrible movie?

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    2. Elliott79


      I know flashsandstone is speaking generally in his question, but people should see Burnt, on DVD if not at the cinema, and form their own opinion instead of taking the word of hack critics.

    3. Elliott79


      The standard of film criticism is appalling these days.

    4. ideafeast


      Well said, Elliott!

  2. Is Neil Blomkamp the new Richard Kelly?

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    2. Coz


      Not quite. He's enormously gifted and I've heard awesome things about his Alien pitch internally. Really a throwback.

    3. sankofa


      OUCH...and what did ever happen to Richard Kelly these days?


    4. chandolaswinter


      Agree with TB Red. He's a talented guy and hopefully NB can get back on track. His development of story and characters in District 9 was so nuanced and insightful-- wondering what happened to that sensibility with Elysium and what looks to be the case with Chappie.


  3. Can anyone play douchebag as well as Bill Paxton?

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    2. Zoned


      Clancy Brown.

    3. opie100


      Paul Gleason, RIP

    4. naugehyde


      Mark Moses (currently skeazing up Homeland)

  4. Would anybody be interested in posting their Best Picture nominee rankings?

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    2. Cdrzewie


      Winner: 12 Years, Runner up: Dallas Buyer Club

    3. admin


      Personally, I'd go:

      1 - Gravity

      2 - Her

      3 - Dallas Buyers Club

      4 - The Wolf of Wall Street

      5 - 12 Years a Slave

      6 - American Hustle

      7 - Nebraska

      8 - Captain Phillips

      9 - Philomena


      But I think it'll actually go to:

      12 Years a Slave

    4. DeadPool


      1-Fruitvale Station


      3-Captain Phillips

      4-American Hustle

      5-The Way Way Back

  5. Anyone seen Philomena? It's the only Best Picture nominee I haven't seen yet. Worth the price of admission?

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