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  1. Mad props to shakeythemohel for his uploads today. Keep them coming son...

  2. So a friend of mine received the Midnight in Paris script (Foreign Press member), and after much begging by me (relentlessly so) realized Sony Classics made it virtually impossible to copy/scan. Every page (front and back - yep, front AND back) had their PROPERTY OF stamped across every page. Oh well. I tried. Hope someone else has better luck than I. :)

  3. Perhaps I'll use a Death Cab for Cutie song title as my next spec title. Seems legit/like a good idea.

  4. Saw Young Adult last night. Yikes, what a mess. Felt like a second draft that REALLY needed notes. Did they rush it into production? It was just so thin.

  5. Ok, I've added all the Black List scripts sent to me. Anyone have the Hlavin one?

    1. Penelope


      Just sent the Hlavin to TB so it should be up anytime.

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  7. 3 hours... 40 minutes I'm told.

  8. What's the buzz on Young Adult? Trailers look great, hope it delivers.

  9. Anyone know if the 2005 blacklist scripts are available anywhere?

  10. Just finished Chris Borrelli's "Sad Jack." Not sure what to make of it. Amazing tone. Feels like "Snatch" meets "Leon: The Professional." Wouldn't know how to review it, but it was good writing for sure.

  11. Great on the Brit/Blood adds Red. Now, let me see what I can find!

  12. Where did the conversation about scripts being uploaded go?

    1. Penelope


      The Ark isn't hosted here. If that's what you were talking about kLO.

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  13. Damn, Breaking Bad was amazing!

  14. And just like that... starting today, anyone not willing to spend the 2 seconds it takes to read which section to do an ISO in, will now have all posts reviewed for approval before posting.

  15. just seen msn uk's snipet of footage from dark knight rises. Man, that brawl between Batman and Bane, and his henchmen against the Gotham police on the city hall steps looks so crazy. And at least you get a look at Gordon-Levitt in cop outfit + Miranda Tate

  16. Anyone know what happened to THE BANSHEE CHAPTER in the file exchange? Just clicked the link through the email notice and the file

  17. Just wrapped Taking Back Sunday/Thursday concert. I was in high school again for like 3 hours today.


  19. Hey gang - due to the onslaught of people deciding not to read the guidelines to posting and doing ISOs, from here on out, postings in the wrong category will simply be deleted, and the posting member will have to have all future posts approved. Do all of your fellow community a plus, and spend 2 minutes reading the ISO guidelines in the ISO section.

  20. Anyone have any details on Max Landis' Amnesty pitch? I'm worried it's similar to something I'm going out with soon.

  21. Am I alone in being bored to fucking tears by The Walking Dead?

    1. Penelope


      Hate this show. I'm with you jib! Won't be watching Season Two.

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  22. Just read Looper. Loved it, had me completely sucked into the world, but, not sure about that ending . . . anyone else have any thoughts?

  23. Just read Looper. Loved it, had me completely sucked into the world, but, not sure about that ending . . . anyone else have any thoughts?

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