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  1. I would just like an opinion on some, or a title, for the script I've been working on since I got my coverage back 3 months ago. The reader described it as Taken meets The Departed. It was called Black Sambas.Here we go: The Supremacy Project, Project Supremacy, Deeds of Deception, When Corruption was King, Bullets of the Dishonored, Once We Were Enemie to name a few. I will upload the 1st 50 pages tomaz. Would like people's thoughts. Must have done something right for the reader to X...

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    2. nazardo


      Departaken? =) What's your logline? Theme? To me a great title works on multiple levels so knowing more about the story would help. Otherwise they are just titles and IMO all (minus Black Sambas) feel bland / generic. You want a title that only fits your story. Congrats on the consider!

    3. mnml


      What fiction said. I quite like Black Sambas though. It's unique, and inspires an immediate mental image.

    4. Farmerboy


      Tomorrow They Fall?

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