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  1. Got the Art of Avengers from amazon today. Quite impressed, only left Arizona on 2nd and was here in the UK on my door at half 12. Currently reading the excerpts from the script. I love the way Joss Whedon writes, especially the fight battle. The artwork is stunning. But if I'm honest, the main reason this appealed to me was because it had several pieces of the script and seemed almost the only way to read it.

    1. tbblue


      I want to pick it up solely for that as well.


    2. Hasmap


      I wasn't going to get it because I bought the Captain America one last year. But when I read on Forbidden Planet's website that it had excerpts from the script, like the Kick-Ass one did, I knew I had to get it soley for that.Marvel don't usually allow that kind of thing. Guess it was the Whedon factor. You get a small chunk, not much, mainly segments from the final battle, including "better clench up Legolas" and "And Hulk...Smash" scenes. But somethings better th...

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