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Newbie asking some intro questions...so please BEWARE!!!



  • Hey everyone! I am a newbie here. I am coming to grips with everything that TB has to offer and it has already made my long late walks home from my 10-7 job that much more enjoyable. Reading about all the good news in this magical industry is enough to make me sit down and keep writing each day. I have some simple questions about the site that I hope can be answered. I looked at the FAQs and I could not find much. My first question will follow:

    How does one post specs and scripts? Is there a process of being recommended through forums?

    Is there a link to a "brutal" screenplay workshop of some sort. I write like I how I would direct. Is this good? Should I provide more raw emotion ques rather than head motions or body language. I get different feedback when I present to my trusted friends in the industry. They don't completely get it but I can understand that I can be quite abstract.

    Is there somewhere I can post safely to get some feedback?

    Thanks everyone!



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