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Status Updates posted by Nic.Lishko

  1. Awesome music video. Great song as well!

  2. Please check out my buddy Joe talking about Manos: The Hands of Fate with Chris Stuckmann

  3. Totally doing this:

    1. Galleria.Pictures
    2. storymaps99


      Okay, are you the bitter script reader?

    3. Nic.Lishko


      I confess I am not :D. Just a fan.

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    2. Bobbylaw


      I swear I thought this was an Onion article when I saw the URL

    3. adlocke


      might be a nice script. it only takes two seconds to know if it's bullshit.

    4. opie100


      We'll see who's laughing when he realizes that Scarlett doesn't live in Hollywood.

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Ignore the source, here's my pitch:

      10 people get picked to be on a reality show sent to Mars. It's shot like Blair Witch/Apollo 18, it's a lot like Halloween: Resurrection with a touch of Dead Space the game. Oh and somehow Bioshock is in there.

    2. Nic.Lishko


      And on the way, people start disappearing and going insane....so maybe it's a lot more like And Then There Were None.....F who wouldn't buy that?!

    3. dsjones


      The twist is they're in a hollywood studio and no where near mars.

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    2. CookieMonster


      Oooh, thank you!

    3. aphid47


      fantastic! Haven't been a fan of any of the Nolan Batman films, especially the second one which felt like two movies smushed together after the first one ended.

    4. storymaps99


      The Kindle version of the trilogy of screenplays is available now, for any of you Kindle readers out there (sorry to offend you ipad fanatics). ;-)

    1. opie100


      Don't you think Voldemort was thinking that too?

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Don't cross the beams!

  4. ...So you're saying I shouldn't go see Lone Ranger...?

    1. dsjones


      Not sure where all the hate 's coming from. Check it out, it's fun.

  5. "A group of school janitors decide to risk it all and form a curling team with the hopes of going to the Olympics." Based on absolutely nothing. In the vein of Cool Runnings and The Blind Side.

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    2. Knock


      Lmao! Love it.

    3. opie100


      Lol - not sure what "all" they're risking however.

    4. Nic.Lishko


      EVERYTHING OPIE. Their pride and livelihood!

  6. "Everything here moves at a glacial pace." Um. Yeah. Yeah it does.

  7. 105 pages written in 5 days after 3 months of outlining my new script. I'm back baby. And it feels good.

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    2. axalon


      Very nice! I always feel like once the outline is done, the rest is cake.

    3. twofingeredtypist


      Excellent! Need some of that myself!

    4. aphid47


      Way to go Charlie!

  8. 106 pages in 11 days. First draft complete.

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    2. kittyketchup
    3. Nic.Lishko


      Thanks! For the readers, it's for a prodo co and my manager. It's turned in and they're looking at it now. :-)

    4. Reader George
  9. 20 pages into the Raider's conference, Lucas sounds logical and Spielberg sounds like Lucas does now.

  10. 3 years of screenwriting conferences later and I'm curious: Is there an expo or a conference that is WORTH going to? John August and Bill Marsilli were amazing last year, but I just don't know if I'll go this year...

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    2. Nic.Lishko


      Anyone been to Austin before? I heard there is a pitch fest...

    3. treyselman


      Yeah. Austin's stout. Not too familiar with their pitch set-up, but they do have one and it's multiple rounds. Solid judges around.

    4. aphid47


      Austin is great. Went last year. The conferences were fantastic, and it's easy to meet people since everyone is out drinking at night.

  11. 3rd draft is so close to being done. Gotta determine who I send it to for review...Kind of a toss up between scriptshadow and tracking board...

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    2. dreammachine02


      I totally agree and that's why I chose to use him. He's a screenwriter as well and probly won't be doing coverage much longer since he's close to getting a few big projects moving. He posts over on Done Deal as EvilRbt and his site is screenplaymechanic.com. If you want, I could send you a sample of the last coverage he did for me that really helped when I rewrote the script.

    3. sangun


      You could always post here first. Always start out with the free option.

    4. Nic.Lishko


      Thanks everyone! Definitely got a lot to think about :D

  12. A bit disappointed with Microsoft's Kinnect conference. Just give me more Alan Wake (and the OWA as well) and some more Bioshock...

  13. A buddy of mine is in the amateur offering's of scriptshadow this week. Take a look at Breaking News on scriptshadow.

  14. A very big THANK YOU to everyone who sent me engouraging messages or ideas when I mentioned my dry writing spell. This community is awesome and so are all of you.

    1. admin


      Not gonna lie... I love our community!

    2. KeatonHelm


      Agree. There are some fantastic people on here.

    3. axalon


      Agreed. This is easily my favorite community on the internet, you guys are wonderful.

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