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    2. jms2011


      I don't think the format is dead, but there is some merit to their idea. Viewing habits are changing, studios have so much invested in a film they are afraid to risk alienating the audience with an unsatisfactory ending. I love going to movies, but I am annoyed by the constant glare of cell phones in the crowd. I think theaters will always exist, but very few films on the big screen will have the influence like films of the past.

    3. rwe15


      Predictability is a problem but I just saw a UK Michael Powell film from 1946 which was riveting in story and cinematography (Scorsese loves him)- David Niven in Matter of Life or Death - you're not certain if the drama is real or supernatural till the 2/3 point and perhaps not even then.

    4. stevenaz


      Perhaps a problem for screenwriters and older people who have seen way too many movies. But the core audience is neither. Average movie goer will continue to be entertained IMO.

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