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  1. However you felt about it, Netflix dropping a trailer for The Colverfield Paradox during the super bowl and saying it starts playing after the game is a HUGE game changer. I hope they do that every year.

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    2. andrewpwoodberry


      We don't know though. How many people signed up for or kept their subscription because of Bright? If someone watches the first 10 minutes of Bright cause they advertise the heck out of it, and turn it off forever, how does that translate to subscription revenue?

    3. andrewpwoodberry


      I do think it's important to do original content though, because owning is cheaper than leasing long-term, and new content gets renewals. I'm just saying a same day announce and stream of a mediocre film is more a branding play than creating real value to viewers.

    4. Nic.Lishko


      For sure, Andrew. Still, I'm excited to see what they do next. I don't expect a new Cloverfield movie every year, but shoot, next year (if this happens again) the content will knock it out of the park.

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